1.Change room policy, check out date
In case customers want to change the check-out date or room change, please contact our reservation department for support 0903 111 111.
- For the policy of changing room / check-in time: there is no guarantee that the room will be 100% guaranteed the date the customer wants to change. If the customer wants to change to a higher class room, it will be charged according to the difference in the room that the customer wants to change, the room rate difference depends on different times, different room types. In the event that a customer wants to change to a room class lower than the one that you have booked or are staying in, the difference may not be refunded to the customer and whether or not the difference will be refunded depending on the date the customer decides to change.
If customers want to change information about room / time please contact the staff in charge or call 0903 111 111 or email to… for the fastest support. * Note: For bookings that fall on a national holiday in Vietnam, there is no need to change the date, if the date changes, 100% service charge will be charged.
2. Cancellation policy
In case the customer has completed a reservation and completed the payment but was unable to proceed with her trip, can contact to 0903 111 111 for cancellation assistance. Terms and costs incurred during the cancellation or rescheduling process will be charged according to each hotel own cancellation policy (will be notified to the customer during the booking process, by phone, or email).
- Refund 100% for customer if 07 days notice from the date of check-in
- Refund 70% for customer if 03 days prior notice from the check-in date
- Refund 50% for customer if 01 day notice from the date of check-in
3. Refund guarantee policy.
In case the customer has paid the deposit in full, pay the full amount for the reservation. But due to objective conditions should cancel my trip Refund the customer by cash or by wire transfer via the information the customer provides The refund will be based on the different booking rules. Because there will be bookings that will refund 100%, 70%, 50%, 30% ... The refund will be made by staff notify customers by phone or email.